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Krutatgnya Welfare Society


Krutatgnya Welfare Society - Nishikant Kashikar
This is an NGO formed with a responsibility to work towards the country n society we live in. We always live for ourselves and our profits and forget the contribution done by the nation and society in our success. We are the First to ask something from Others but the Last when it comes to Repay for the Benefits enjoyed by us. Thus considering this as our moral responsibility we formed the Krutatgnya Welfare Society. Through this NGO we look to work to repay our debts towards the nation & society we live in. Amongst some of our future plans, under this banner, is opening a Charity Hospital for poor and underprivileged, honouring those hidden talents of those who work silently for the others, conducting awareness programs related to the social issues and other relevant programs.


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Phone: (0712) 2596874

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