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Nishi’s ideology is inspired by many of those whom he has met in my life so far. Starting from his Parents, his religious Guru – Shri Bhaiyyuji Maharaj of Indore, his teachers in school and colleges, his friends, professional associates, his in-laws & last but certainly not the least his would-be wife. From all these he has learned many things which also are his guidelines for his juniors and fellows.


    • It is not a crime to commit mistakes, but certainly not to repeat them. One can always learn from it for future.
      Nishi believes that only the people who act, who initiate, commit mistakes. Thus committing a mistake is certainly a good indication of someone trying. However, it is fruitful only when one learns from his mistakes and not repeat them.


    • To give respect to each and every person regardless of their cast, creed & status.
      Nishi firmly believes in unconditional equality amongst people, which according to him shall be achieved only through mutual respect and affection.


    • My Nation is most important for me, than anything else in the entire World, that I will be known as an Indian.
      Nishi has always put his Nation First and believes that every other identity follows the fact that he is an Indian. This he emphasizes not just because he’s patriotic Indian, but also because he feels India as a country is special and it’s Unity in Diversity fundamentals are not just a catch-phrase, but a globally unique phenomenon that keeps the passion for unity in every Indian alive!


  • Always try to bring Smile on people’s faces; cries and worries are very common these days, but smile has become very rare!
    Seemingly simple principle, but a quick fading phenomenon that Nishi believes is important for mankind to sustain its growth. Smile is a reflection of a lot of internal aspect of a person, mostly positive and existence as well as contagion of this positivity is an underlying necessity for humankind to prosper and progress!


Some Simple pleasures of life are wasted due to sheer egos. This is what can be avoided believes Nishi!